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This is one of the games that I want to play if I want to make myself angry and pissed off.


the only good part where the girls,other than that mid


W game


The puzzles are not that fun but the girls are so hot. Worth playing.






Necropolis best town, fuck u malinka




any reason the game won’t run currently for macOS it opens up but stays on a screen that won’t progress any tips will help

i believe this game is free on steam as well, and you may be able to download it from the official website. Might be worth installing from either

Okay I saw this like 100 times past years time to download

Is Examtaker canon?

Yes, it's the future


haha funny demon booba game

tôi cần phiên bản android ,làm ơn


U broke lil bro



tremendo pajaso, 10/10 recomendado

This game was so much fun. I absolutely LOVE the art style. 


i am christian and why tf do i like this game. i have committed a sin. fuck


I am atheist why do I like it so much?



I wish they were real

where can i see lore, i need to know the whole story


I don't get why the choice has to be between getting murdered by girls or being their corporate slave or something. I get that they're basically sirens, but it seems like the dev wants to use trust issues to disempower men or something. It's just messing with gender roles to trigger the "patriarchy". I bet the dev went to college. 😒


I hope this is a joke


I hope so to.


I don't think it is. O - o


it seems like the dev wants to use trust issues to disempower men or something

It seems like the dev wanted to make a game with cute demon girls. Everything else is assumption.




Android version when?


It won't really load so that sucks I guess (Mac)


Streamed it some time ago, a fun and challenging little puzzle adventure.

Did anyone see the playthrough of this at “Papyrus plays“ on the YT chanel Chance WrightVA

i quite love the game w/ Papy‘s funny reactions ngl XD


Love demon girls:)


Only the flirting scenes your welcome

dobra polska gra

Thank you for this amazing game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:


The game was pretty wholesome. Thank you for adding the ''skip torture'' option, it was driving me mad. And then the god mode?? Loved it. 

The ending was so wholesome, and I just loved the graphics, the whole plot, everything. Thank you for creating something so great and fun.



Features xD


That was a pretty fun game. I hope there’ll be more like it in the future

It's too big for my computer:(

Which button is to escape?

Did it not ask resolution and fullscreen in the launcher?


What I said is the size


Well you have a pretty trash computer since even mine can run it

(1 edit)

a normal game that i played from before.


S Tier Game 


Hi! This is interesting game and i would like to download it but its there any possible to make android version?🤔

Probably using joiplay, I'm also trying to figure it out and usually joiplay is the solution


i got it and did not know what to press to even start it (im on mac btw and i pressed every button)


WASD or the arrow keys move you, and space is the general "accept" button!

Same, idk what to do :(


Help me, I'm in hell


Oh, wait

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